About the Watford Festival

The Watford Festival was established over 70 years ago and has grown from strength to strength to become one of the largest and most respected in the UK. It aims to encourage people of all ages to perform in the areas of Music, Speech and Drama by providing an opportunity to perform before an adjudicator and an audience.

The Festival is held in February and March every year. It is a competitive festival and there are classes for both children and adults available. Classes are divided into the following sections:

ChoralVocalPianoforteStringsCarnaticWoodwind & Brass and Speech & Drama.

The Festival receives many hundreds of entries every year, involving hundreds of participants. It offers a unique opportunity for these participants to experience performing in front of an audience and to receive expert advice and encouragement.


Following the Prime Minister's announcement on 16th March 2020, we have decided that we will have to CANCEL the following events:

  • The Speech and Drama Finales this Sunday (22nd March 2020)
  • The Choral competition on the following Sunday (29th March 2020)
  • The Watford International Piano Competition (19th April 2020)

We appreciate how disappointing this will be for all concerned, especially the youngsters who have devoted so much effort in preparing for the Festival, but according to Government advice, it would not be a risk worth taking as it could endanger the well-being of the friends and families of those attending.

Postponement is not an option, as we have no idea how long the current state of affairs will last.

This is very sad for us all, but I am sure you will agree it is the correct thing to do in the circumstances.

Children who have been invited to the Speech and Drama Infants' Finale have already won their trophies and they can be collected, after signing the Trophy Indemnity forms, from 22 Lyndhurst Avenue, Mill Hill, NW7 2AB. Please ring beforehand on 020 8959 7819 to arrange a time to come and collect, to ensure that someone will be there to receive you.


Speech and Drama winners (daily updates)

Carnatic winners

Photos from the 2019 Festival