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(Speech and Drama and Pianoforte classes only)

Please log in to manage online entries for the Speech and Drama and Pianoforte sections ONLY using either a username or an email address. (Other music sections need to use the manual process which involves downloading an entry form, printing it off, filling it in and sending it to the relevant Section Secretary.)

Use your existing username and password if you are a teacher who has entered online in previous years.

Use an email address if you are a teacher new to the Festival or someone else who wants to enter online. You will need to have registered on this site (you can register by clicking here, if you haven't already).

Please use the email address you registered with and the password you received from the site administrator.

If you have registered but not been sent a password a day or two after registration, please contact this site's webmaster.

Please note: to use the online entry system, you are advised to use the Firefox or Chrome browsers, which are free to download if you don't already have them. We cannot provide support for Internet Explorer, unfortunately, because there are many incompatible versions of it, which we don't have the resources to test the site with. You may be able to use Internet Explorer 10 or 11, but we don't test the site with these and you may run into problems if you use them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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