The Music sections

The Music sections of the Festival share a common entry form and set of Rules & Regulations, but the syllabus is different for each section:

  • Carnatic (not running in 2021)
  • Choral (not running in 2021)
  • Pianoforte
  • Strings (not running in 2021)
  • Vocal (not running in 2021)
  • Woodwind & Brass (not running in 2021)

Please refer to the links above and to the right for more information.

Visiting a Festival venue? Please remember to bring cash for admission tickets, refreshments and so on - regrettably, we cannot accept cheques or cards at our venues. Please also make our lives easier by not bringing £20 and £50 notes, as we have only a limited capacity to provide change for these. Thanks for your understanding.