Registration is for those parents or guardians who want to enter someone online to participate in the Festival without going through a teacher.

Online entry is currently limited to the Speech & Drama, Pianoforte, Strings, Carnatic, Vocal and Woodwind & Brass sections only.

If you wish to register, please enter your registration details below. Register with YOUR NAME, not that of your child or pupil.

Note that once you have registered, we will use your email address to contact you now and then to inform you about online entries - when open for use, when deadlines are approaching and so on. By registering, you agree to this usage of your email address by us.

Once you have registered, your email address will be used for logging in. We will email you with the initial password to use, and you can change it, once you have logged in, to a value you will find easy to remember. Note that this is an entirely volunteer-run process with a manual step: it may take a day or two for the password email to be generated and sent to you.

NOTE: Online entries normally open in early to mid October. If you register much before this time, you may not receive the initial email until the time when online entries open.

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