Speech & Drama Classes

Saturday 6th March - Sunday 14th March 2021

Online (virtual) classes


Jean-Marc Perret LLAM

JEAN-MARC PERRET trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. His theatre credits include the Royal Shakespeare Company and many regional appearances. His TV & Film appearances include Prince Caspian in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and Revelation. In the US, he has played in This Is Us and American Woman.

He is currently a teacher and examiner for the London College of Music (Drama / Communication & Musical Theatre). He previously examined for LAMDA for ten years and Trinity College, London for two years.

He is trained as a British Academy of Dramatic Combat fight instructor: credits include Disney’s Cinderella, d’Artagnan in The Three Musketeers and an exhibition event of Great Britain and Hungarian Olympic fencers.

He has adjudicated previously at The Watford Festival and is delighted to be returning, and is also looking forward to the novel experience of an online festival.


  • All verse speaking to be performed from memory
  • All entrants are expected to dress appropriately (See Regulation 6)
  • Entrants who disregard these regulations are liable to be penalised


Please contact Katherine Barker on 020 9859 7819 or katherine@watfordfestival.co.uk for a booklet containing the poems. Note that there may be different wordings in different published editions and performances will be judged according to the versions in the poem booklet we provide.

S0 Reception Year & under   £6.00

Cat in Moonlight by Douglas Gibson OR

Splash by Anonymous OR

To the Fair by Brian Moses

S1 School Year 1   £6.00

Bella Had a New Umbrella by Eve Merriam OR

I Went Fishing by Anonymous OR

Morning Song by Bobbi Katz

S2 School Year 2   £6.00

A Smile by Jez Alborough OR

Motorway Witch by Max Fatchen OR

Someone by Walter de la Mare

S3 School Year 3   £6.50

Alphabet Stew by Jack Prelutsky OR

My Grannies by June Crebbin OR

Robin’s Song by Anonymous

S4 School Year 4   £6.50

English by Eleanor Farjeon OR

The Lamplighter by Robert Louis Stevenson OR

The Lonely Scarecrow by James Kirkup

S5 School Year 5   £6.50

Bad Day at the Ark by Roger McGough OR

Come In by Robert Frost OR

Just Another Pebble by Eunice Buchanan

S6 School Year 6   £6.50

Floradora Doe by Jack Prelutsky OR

Miller’s End by Charles Causley OR

Something Told the Wild Geese by Rachel Field

S7 School Year 7   £7.00

Empty House by Gareth Owen OR

Geography Lesson by Brian Patten OR

The Snare by James Stephens

S8 School Year 8   £7.00

Blackbird by John Drinkwater OR

Cards Dealt by Joseph Coelho OR

Sea-Fever by John Masefield

S9 School Years 9 & 10   £7.00

Let There Be Peace by Lemn Sissay OR

Not My Business by Niyi Osundare OR

The River’s Story by Brian Patten

S10 School Years 11 — 13   £7.50

Half-Past Two by U. A. Fanthorpe OR

Home Thoughts from Abroad by Robert Browning OR

Throwing a Tree by Thomas Hardy

VERSE SPEAKING (OWN CHOICE – But NOT a set poem listed above)

S11 Reception Year & under 1 min £6.00
S12 School Year 1 1 min £6.00
S13 School Year 2 2 mins £6.00
S14 School Year 3 2 mins £6.50
S15 School Year 4 2 mins £6.50
S16 School Year 5 2 mins £6.50
S17 School Year 6 2 mins £6.50
S18 School Years 7 & 8 3 mins £7.00
S19 School Years 9 & 10 3 mins £7.00
S20 School Years 11 — 13 3 mins £7.50


S21 School Years 9 & 10   £7.00
S22 School Years 11 — 13   £7.50


  • The chosen piece of prose must be read from the pages of the book itself
S23 School Years 2 & under 2 mins £6.00
S24 School Year 3 2 mins £6.50
S25 School Year 4 2 mins £6.50
S26 School Year 5 2 mins £6.50
S27 School Year 6 2 mins £6.50
S28 School Year 7 3 mins £7.00
S29 School Year 8 3 mins £7.00
S30 School Year 9 & 10 3 mins £7.00
S31 School Years 11 — 13 3 mins £7.50


  • Competitors to tell a story (known or invented) in their own words
  • No costumes
  • Props & visual aids permitted
S32 School Years 6 & under 3 mins £6.50


  • Prepared speech / talk on any topic
  • Notes and visual aids permitted
  • 2 minutes are allowed for preparation
S33 School Years 6 & under 3 mins £6.50
S34 School Years 7 — 9 4 mins £7.00
S35 School Years 10 — 13 4 mins £7.50



  • Own choice of subject
  • Practice clothes only to be worn (white or black shirt, blouse or T-shirt; black trousers or tights)
  • No music, costumes or hand props to be used
  • Solo - One stage block OR one chair is permitted
  • A title should be announced but no introduction or verbal explanation given
  • Bare feet or soft footwear to be worn


S40 School Years 6 & under 3 mins £6.50
S41 School Years 7 — 9 4 mins £7.00
S42 School Years 10 — 13 4 mins £7.50


  • All Own choice
  • All classes must be performed from memory – no script reading
  • Costume or Practice clothes (white or black shirt, blouse or T-shirt; black trousers or black skirt) should be worn. NB : No extra marks will be awarded for costume
  • Appropriate footwear should be worn to suit the character
  • Hand props and music may be used



S46 School Years 7 — 9 4 mins £7.00
S47 School Years 10 — 13 4 mins £7.50


(excluding Elizabethan, Jacobean or Restoration)


  • * Please see note 4.4 in Regulations & General Information
  • All acting rules apply
S50 School Years 4 & under 3 mins £6.50
S51 School Years 5 & 6 3 mins £6.50
S52 School Years 7 — 9 4 mins £7.00
S53 School Years 10 — 13 4 mins £7.50