Speech & Drama Classes

Sunday 25th February - Sunday 10th March 2024


Katrina Mulvihill RBTC (Hons QTS), LRAM, AGSM, ALAM, IPA
Chris Marlow BA, MA, PhD, PGCE, PGDip, LLCM, FVCM
Rebecca Vines LLAM, LALAM, MSTSD (Adj.)

Louise Manders LLAM ALAM GODA MSTSD (Adj) [finales]

KATRINA MULVIHILL studied at The Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama and feels privileged to have been part of the unique three year Actor/Teacher Course. Having Graduated with Honours, she won a Scholarship to The Guildhall School of Music and Drama and went on to study Opera, Musical Theatre, Acting and Piano for a further two years. As a professional Soloist and Principal, she has appeared at many prestigious venues over the years performing in Plays, Operas, Recitals and Concerts at The Drury Lane Theatre, The Shaw Theatre, Sadler’s Wells, The Purcell Room and the QEH. She is an experienced Director, as well as performer, and has enjoyed producing and directing plays, concerts and shows with adults through to young children in a variety of styles ranging from Pantomime and Gilbert and Sullivan’s Light Operettas through to Shakespeare and Grand Opera.

A member of LAMDA’s Examining Board for over 30 years, she has also regularly lectured and given Master classes for LAMDA and other multiple agencies in Mime, Improvisation, Acting, Voice Production and Musical Theatre to name but a few. Katrina is Headteacher of a large Independent School and Nursery in Gidea Park, Essex and an Adjudicator with the British and International Federation of Festivals.

CHRIS MARLOW trained at the universities of Manchester and Oxford. A freelance teacher of Speech and Drama, and a working professional with television, radio and theatre experience, Chris’s credits include ‘Born and Bred’ (BBC One), Granada Reports (ITV), BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Radio Merseyside and ‘The Sound of Music’ (UK theatre tour). However, teaching remains his passion and Chris’s students can be found in most of the major UK and USA drama schools and thereafter on stage and screen.

He is an adjudicator member of the British and International Federation of Festivals and has extensive experience as an examiner for the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (RCSSD), Guildhall School of Music and Drama (GSMD), London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and Trinity College London (TCL). At LAMDA he co-wrote ‘Speaking Matters’, a practical guide to using spoken English and speaking in public. Currently, he assesses speech, drama and musical theatre for the London College of Music (LCM), across the UK and internationally.

REBECCA VINES trained as an actor with The London Centre for Theatre Studies, and has performed in a variety of roles, including Maggie (Dancing at Lughnasa), Beverly (Abigail’s Party), Madame Arcati (Blithe Spirit), Susan (A Bed Among the Lentils) and Elizabeth Proctor (The Crucible).

In 2014, Rebecca was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts for her work in establishing theatre companies to promote young and emerging performers. She has also founded and worked/works as Artistic Director of No Prophet, Eleventh Hour and Talking Shadows theatre companies which were created to springboard young performance careers.

Rebecca is a Shakespeare scholar with a particular interest in his female roles, the history plays, and the socio-historic legacy of theatrical interpretations.  She is working on a PhD exploring Queenship in Shakespeare’s history plays.  She is passionate about opening up diversity in the Arts and works with a range of agencies to ensure enhanced visibility for all sectors of society.

CAROL SCHRODER trained from an early age in all aspects of performing arts including drama, dance and singing. She worked in the professional theatre, television and in cabaret where she produced her own one-woman show. Carol gained teaching qualifications in Speech and Drama and then taught at drama schools and colleges including for twenty-two years at the Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts.

Carol was an examiner for LAMDA for over forty years both in the UK and overseas. She has written and contributed to several LAMDA textbooks and has been involved in the setting of the various syllabuses. Carol is a long-standing member of The British and International Federation of Festivals (BIFF) adjudicating throughout the UK and overseas and served for nine years on the adjudicator’s council. In 2019 she was awarded a fellowship of BIFF. She is also a past chairperson of The Society of Teachers of Speech and Drama (STSD).

LOUISE MANDERS was born in Westcliff-on-Sea and first trod the boards when only five days old and has never looked back. Her varied and interesting professional theatrical career began with Haymarket Stage Productions, progressing from stage management to acquiring her Equity card as an actress. She enjoyed touring the UK and appearing in all aspects of theatre including repertory and musicals, as well as appearing on television and in films.

Louise is presently not only an adjudicator for the British and International Federation of Festivals and the Guild of Drama Adjudicators, but is also an adjudicator member of the Society of Teachers of Speech and Drama. She was Artistic Director of the Phoenix Youth Theatre in Southend, formerly the New Focus Theatre for many years. Louise’s extensive work as an adjudicator has taken her all over the UK and abroad. She has adjudicated for festivals in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong. During the pandemic, Louise also adjudicated online. She runs workshops and master classes, directs plays (including open air productions) and musicals, devises original drama compositions, writes poetry and has written many musical plays for children and students. She teaches speech, drama, musical theatre, mime and dance drama to all ages of students, including adults and specialises in the LAMDA examinations.

Louise is an experienced theatre director and even finds time to dance flamenco! A festival is a celebration and enables all entrants to bring their creativity and enthusiasm to fruition. Louise is really looking forward to travelling to the Watford Festival and sharing in these celebrations-


  • All verse speaking to be performed from memory
  • All entrants are expected to dress appropriately (See Regulation 6)
  • Entrants who disregard these regulations are liable to be penalised


You can download a booklet containing the poems from here. Note that there may be different wordings in different published editions and performances will be judged according to the versions in the poem booklet we provide.

S0 Reception Year & Under   £12.00

On the Beach by Marian Swinger OR

The Acrobats by Shel Silverstein OR

Things to do if you are the Rain by Bobbi Katz

S1 School Year 1   £12.00

Listening to the Trees by Mandy Haggith OR

My Card for Father's Day by Wes Magee OR

Where Go the Boats by Robert Louis Stevenson

S2 School Year 2   £12.00

Just a Skin Thing by Coral Rumble OR

Please, Noah! - Tortoise by Judith Nicholls OR

Yuck by Paul Rogers

S3 School Year 3   £13.50

Squirrel by Mary Ann Hoberman OR

Summer Goes by Russell Hoban OR

The Midnight Train to Nowhere by Cynthia Rider

S4 School Year 4   £13.50

Littlemouse by Richard Edwards OR

Norman the Zebra by Jeremy Lloyd OR

Silk-moth Monitor by June Crebbin

S5 School Year 5   £13.50

Spring by Karla Kuskin OR

Suzy's New Dog by John Ciardi OR

Truth by Barrie Wade

S6 School Year 6   £13.50

Bed! by Joni Akinrele OR

Pole Star by Eleanor Farjeon OR

The Thin Prison by Leslie Norris

S7 School Year 7   £14.50

A Poem to be Spoken Silently by Pie Corbett OR

Ghost in the Garden by Berlie Doherty OR

Practising by Dorothy Gray

S8 School Year 8   £14.50

As I Watch by Steven Camden OR

Night Watch by Libby Houston OR

The Tom-Cat by Don Marquis

S9 School Years 9 & 10   £14.50

First Art Lesson by James Kirkup OR

Solitude by Ella Wheeler Wilcox OR

Trees in the Storm by Brian Patten

S10 School Years 11 — 13   £15.50

Naming of Parts by Henry Reed OR

The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus OR

Warning by Jenny Joseph

VERSE SPEAKING (OWN CHOICE – But NOT a set poem listed above)

S11 Reception Year & Under 1 min £12.00
S12 School Year 1 1 min £12.00
S13 School Year 2 2 mins £12.00
S14 School Year 3 2 mins £13.50
S15 School Year 4 2 mins £13.50
S16 School Year 5 2 mins £13.50
S17 School Year 6 2 mins £13.50
S18 School Years 7 & 8 3 mins £14.50
S19 School Years 9 & 10 3 mins £14.50
S20 School Years 11 — 13 3 mins £15.50


  • The chosen piece of prose must be read from the pages of the book itself
S23 School Years 2 & Under 2 mins £12.00
S24 School Year 3 2 mins £13.50
S25 School Year 4 2 mins £13.50
S26 School Year 5 2 mins £13.50
S27 School Year 6 2 mins £13.50
S28 School Year 7 3 mins £14.50
S29 School Year 8 3 mins £14.50
S30 School Year 9 & 10 3 mins £14.50
S31 School Years 11 — 13 3 mins £15.50


  • Prepared speech / talk on any topic
  • Notes and visual aids permitted
S33 School Years 6 & Under 3 mins £13.50
S34 School Years 7 — 9 4 mins £14.50
S35 School Years 10 — 13 4 mins £15.50


  • Competitors are given a short prose passage to read aloud
  • 2 minutes are allowed for preparation
S36 School Years 3 & 4   £13.50
S37 School Years 5 & 6   £13.50
S38 School Years 7 — 9   £14.50
S39 School Years 10 — 13   £15.50



  • Own choice of subject
  • Practice clothes only to be worn (white or black shirt, blouse or T-shirt; black trousers or tights)
  • No music, costumes or hand props to be used
  • Solo - One stage block OR one chair is permitted
  • Duologue - Two stage blocks OR two chairs
  • A title should be announced but no introduction or verbal explanation given
  • Bare feet or soft footwear to be worn


S40 School Years 6 & Under 3 mins £13.50
S41 School Years 7 — 9 4 mins £14.50
S42 School Years 10 — 13 4 mins £15.50


S43 School Years 6 & Under 4 mins £21.00
S44 School Years 7 — 9 5 mins £22.00
S45 School Years 10 — 13 5 mins £23.00


  • All Own choice
  • All classes must be performed from memory – no script reading
  • Costume or Practice clothes (white or black shirt, blouse or T-shirt; black trousers or black skirt) should be worn. NB : No extra marks will be awarded for costume
  • Appropriate footwear should be worn to suit the character
  • Hand props and music may be used
  • Chairs and tables (also stage blocks at the Pump House) are provided



S46 School Years 7 — 9 4 mins £14.50
S47 School Years 10 — 13 4 mins £15.50


S48 School Years 7 — 9 5 mins £22.00
S49 School Years 10 — 13 5 mins £23.00



S50 School Years 4 & Under 3 mins £13.50
S51 School Years 5 & 6 3 mins £13.50
S52 School Years 7 — 9 4 mins £14.50
S53 School Years 10 — 13 4 mins £15.50


  • * Please see note 4.4 in Regulations & General Information
S54 School Years 4 & Under 4 mins £21.00
S55 School Years 5 & 6 4 mins £21.00
S56 School Years 7 — 9 5 mins £22.00
S57 School Years 10 — 13 5 mins £23.00



S74 Adult 4 mins £15.50


  • All Own choice with the exception of Prepared Group Improvisation (Classes S62 - S65)
  • All acting rules apply

GROUP ACTING (Scene from a play, screenplay or novel)

  • Groups of 3 - 8 persons
  • Script required for the adjudicator
S58 School Years 6 & Under 10 mins £65.00
S59 School Years 13 & Under 10 mins £70.00


  • Groups of 3 - 8 persons
  • Must use a combination of at least three of the following: music, dance, drama, mime, movement and verse
  • A script of running order/notes must be provided for the adjudicator
  • Must use material from more than one source, though the sources may all be by the same author
S60 School Years 6 & Under 10 mins £65.00
S61 School Years 13 & Under 10 mins £70.00


  • To prepare a scene inspired by one of the set titles
  • Groups of 3 – 8 persons
  • If an original script evolves through the rehearsal process this is permissible
S62 School Years 6 & Under 4 mins £54.00

Daydreamer OR

I Wish I was an Adult

S63 School Years 9 & Under 5 mins £54.00

Embarrassing Parents OR

The House at the End of the Road

S64 School Years 11 & Under 5 mins £58.00

The Heatwave OR

I Can’t Do It

S65 School Years 13 & Under 5 mins £58.00

The Clock is Ticking OR