Pianoforte Classes

13th - 15th February 2021

Online (virtual classes)


Russell Hepplewhite

RUSSELL HEPPLEWHITE is both a composer and pianist.  He studied at Chetham's School of Music and then as a scholar at the Royal College of Music.  As a pianist he has performed at numerous venues including the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, and the South Bank Centre in London.  Most recent performances have included accompanying Willard White in the Salisbury International Festival.
As a composer he is becoming widely known for his operatic and choral music. He has had several works published by Banks Music Publications as part of their Genesis Choral Library Series, and has received widespread critical acclaim for concerts and recordings alike.  His ground-breaking operas commissioned by English Touring Opera for young audiences have been widely performed in the UK and overseas.  Laika the Spacedog won two major awards at the Armel International Opera Festival in Hungary, and has now been performed in four countries - most recently in a production in Switzerland.  
Russell has taught musicianship and composition at the Royal College of Music Junior Department for more than a decade, and is both a moderator, trainer and examiner for ABRSM, for whom he has examined in both the UK and Asia since 2008.
Russell was included in the Evening Standard's Progress 1000 list of Londoners to watch in the years to come; the paper describing him as "one of the most exciting talents to emerge in recent years."

  • The Competitive classes are for children and amateur adults seeking a platform to perform. Professionals may enter the adult feedback non-competitive classes C24-C25


  • Please enter only one of the classes C0-C9
  • C0-C9 - you may play one or two pieces
C0 Pre Grade 1 2 mins £5.00
C1 Grade 1 3 mins £6.00
C2 Grade 2 3 mins £6.00
C3 Grade 3 4 mins £7.00
C4 Grade 4 4 mins £7.00
C5 Grade 5 5 mins £7.00
C6 Grade 6 5 mins £7.00
C7 Grade 7 8 mins £8.00
C8 Grade 8 Only 8 mins £8.00


  • C9-C11 competitors must not have won first prize in the Pianoforte section of the Festival in the last 5 years
C9 Age 8 years and under 4 mins £7.00
C10 Age 10 years and under 4 mins £7.00
C11 Age 11-14 years 5 mins £7.00
C12 20th and 21st Century 14 and under 4 mins £7.00
C13 Duet or Trio - Family 5 mins £8.00
C14 Junior Recital - 14 and under 8 mins £8.00
  • Two contrasting pieces Grade 6 and above for C14
C15 Sonatina Class - 14 yr and under 4 mins £7.00
  • One movement only for C15
C16 Jazz, Ragtime and Blues 16 and Under 4 mins £7.00
C17 Sonata 16 and Under 5 mins £7.00
  • Any sonata movement for C17
C18 Jean Merlow Memorial Scholarship 19 and under 12 mins £10.00
  • Two to three contrasting pieces grade 8 and above
C19 Classical Open 8 mins £8.00
  • Any piece or pieces by a composer in this category
C20 Baroque Open 8 mins £8.00
  • Any piece or pieces by a composer in this category
C21 Romantic Open 8 mins £8.00
  • Any piece or pieces by a composer in this category
C22 20th and 21st Century Open 8 mins £8.00
  • Any piece or pieces by a composer in this category
C23 Senior Recital 15 mins £11.00
C24 Adult Performance Assessment (Grade 1-5) 8 mins £8.00
C25 Adult Performance Assessment 15 mins £11.00